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This is the follow up blog to the "Hara and Lulu on..." blog. Lulu is out on her own and she finally gets to say what she thinks... (Or that is what she tells her translator/editor/human.) If you like what you see here tell all the other cat owners out there to come over and see this blog.

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Lulu is the surviving member of the old "Hara and Lulu on..." blog. She's flying the blog-us-phere by her self now and she has a lot to say.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You know... that cat food contamination thing is getting rediculous...

I just found out that my favorite kitty treats are on the list of contaminated items that is out. I am soooo mad I could spit fire. I mean gee, it isn't like I run the universe or something. Gosh take away my treats and my food and all I got good is daddy and my window sill and my water dish. That sure puts things in their place. Doesn't it.

I hope that no other kitties or puppies or anything like that get sick or go to the rainbow bridge over this. I also hope that the government puts some kind of a restriction on the company who pulled this stunt and it costs them so much that they have second thoughts about letting it happen again. This is so sad that things like this gotta happen before someone takes note of it. I just hope that the ones that died did not die in vane. Vote Democrat people. And this will be the last political statement in this blogg. There is just one furry little puddy cat with a major wisker out of whack here. You mess with my pounce I mess with your face.

One flipping torked kitty.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am so mad at my daddy....

That damn daddy of mine finally got the mat off my fir today. He cheated though. I was snoozing on my favorite window sill and he snuck up on me and snipped it off without even waking me up. It wasn't until I woke up and saw the huge bare spot on my chest that I knew the jerk got to it. I have been grouchy all day since then. My daddy keeps on saying that he does not know why I am so darn mad at him for it because it makes it feel better. Well, yeah, but what does that gotta do with the price of trout in Antarctica? It isn't that anyway, it is the principle of the thing. I mean do I sneek around and do stuff while he is sleeping?

Well, okay, so I do stuff to him too. SO WHAT??? I am a cat. we do that. Give me a flipping break already. Grrrr!

Anyway, I gotta go and pounce on daddie's lap and make him make that squeeky suck in air sound again. Gosh I love doing that. It makes me feel like I have a little control over the situation. Besides it isn't like it hurts him or anything. Right? Anyway, I got to run for now. I will be back again soon.