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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Humans are SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!

My goofy daddy just got home from going to something called a "Sir cuss" earlier today. What the heck is that???? Anyway, I am kind of worried about his mental state because he tried to train me to jump over one of the cues from our miniature pool set after he got home. I just sat there and looked at him like "God have you lost your freaking MIND????" I don't care if the dork was going to give me a few kitty treats to do it. That is just un-cat-like behavior. Doesn't that guy know that we cats have our pride? Gosh and they call humans the dominant species. Makes a guy wonder huh? Now that I think of it I just might try it once or twice and then never again just to watch him make a fool of himself bragging about it. I love the looks on peoples faces when I do that. I got several tricks that daddy worked up with me that I only do when daddy and I are alone and I am really, really bored out of my skull. It makes him happy and he makes all kinds of cooey noises at me that make me feel good so I guess it is not gonna kill me. But, I don't want to encourage him to advertise it to the freaking neighbors. Their cats might hear about it and I would be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. That and I don't want my hero Max hearing about it. He might think I am not trying to be cool like him. Gosh that would be awful. Makes my fur go all puffy and my paws sweat just thinking about that.

It rained like crazy today where I live. My daddy left a window open for me while he was gone today and I got to sit and look out the window and enjoy the smells of the rain and the cool air. In the process of my reading the kitty paper I saw something that just about made me laugh my butt off. I did not know what the heck it was at first. But, when I talked to my daddy he said that it was an animal called a rabbit. Gosh they are hilarious looking with those really long ears and the way they walk around. But, daddy tells me that I had best not be too insulting about them because they can run faster than me and some of them can kick my furry ass. He even threatened to bring one in just to show me. I just gave him my usual dirty look and showed him the pucker. That is all the comment that needed. I mean, you should see how he acts after he runs my tail over with his wheelchair. He makes cooey noises at me and nearly busts a gut trying to make it up to me. Oh well, it makes him happy and he does stuff for me that makes me happy. So everybody is happy. Right? Right!

Well. gotta run. My daddy is making tuna casserole for supper tonight. I gotta make sure that yours truly gets the tuna water. Humans have their soda we got our tuna water. Same difference. Tuna water MMMMMMMM.... Bye for now anyway.


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