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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hi there... Sorry I have not been posting....

Hi everybody, I am back. I have been busy keeping track of that silly old daddy. He is such a drag lately. I keep on telling him that he needs to play more and forget that silly computer thingy so that I can blog. I mean gee.... I have fans to keep up with. I hope you guys have not forgot me.

I have been doing pretty good lately. I am still the Queen of the roost in my house. Daddy keeps on making noises about getting me a MOMMY. But, so far nothing has happened there. Gee, I get the feeling he does not know what the heck he is talking about. I hate to burst his bubble. He is really working at it though it seems. But, what the heck am I gonna do with a Mommy anyway??? You can't eat 'em I found out and you can't play with them because they are too big. I guess Daddy will let me know when he finally finds one. Anyway, it is all pretty silly if you ask me. Gee, like ain't I good enough? He might give me a complex -- whatever the heck that is -- I heard that on television once. I have no idea what it is. But, hey, it sounded all growed up so I wrote it. I am a so-pisti-cat-ed cat after all. Me an' Max we are so-pisti-cat-ed you know. He is sooooo cool. I hope to become just as cool as he is someday. I hope that Buddah doesn't laugh at him for calling him so-pisti-cat-ed. Daddy just told me I spelled that word wrong. But, I don't care. Hey, what do I look like a dic-ton-ary??? Daddy says that I shouldn't use words that I can't spell. Well, it is my blog and daddy can just kiss my furry butt. If he doesnt like it he can get his own blog and he can spell the words any way he wants. So there (sticks out tongue)!!!!

But seriously, I will try to post every day from now on. I hope there are not too many of you who are mad at me for not posting. I will be back again tomorrow with some interesting thoughts. I will work really hard to think of something. See you then.


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