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This is the follow up blog to the "Hara and Lulu on..." blog. Lulu is out on her own and she finally gets to say what she thinks... (Or that is what she tells her translator/editor/human.) If you like what you see here tell all the other cat owners out there to come over and see this blog.

Location: Billings, Montana, United States

Lulu is the surviving member of the old "Hara and Lulu on..." blog. She's flying the blog-us-phere by her self now and she has a lot to say.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey. My own blog Yaaay...

Hi, I got my own blog now since my sister isn't around anymore. Daddy says she got liver failure and fell asleep or something like that. Anyway, I kind of miss bugging her. She was fun to play with until this last week and I really kind of liked the little snot. Even if she couldn't do much without falling on her face. She has been pretty sick lately. I don't know what to say about that so I guess I will end this for now. It is pretty depressing around here. I got to go and take care of daddy. He kind of looks sick too. Lulu.